Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

This is a work in progress. In the meantime, these are the standard points that you (the reviewer) and we (re:viewed) agree to concerning the use of this site and the information generated:

re:viewed endeavours to provide an online space to receive and publish reviews relating to humanitarian response.

In doing so re:viewed will:

  • Preserve and protect the reviewers right to anonymity

  • Publish reviews to site and transfer over reviews to later versions of the re:viewed site. This includes location (town and country); review and review rating

  • Publish and share reviews in other mediums (reports, social media, presentations etc)

  • Request (but not require) email address in order to enable reviewers to a) remove a review at request and b) be notified when / if a review receives an official response (not presently enabled).

  • Take reasonable steps to safeguard the storage of data

  • Update, develop and modify the site, in which case interruptions to access may occur

  • Maintain site and data integrity by moderating / removing reviews that do not follow the reviewer guidelines. Particularly, these are reviews that:

    • Cite personal information. Such as staff names, emails and telephone numbers.

    • Contain violent, inflammatory or offensive language. This includes sexist, racist, or prejudiced language as well as threats or personal insults.

    • Are fabricated or written on behalf of an organisation. Reviewers should not be staff members or have a direct stake in the public promotion of the reviewed organisation.

    • Are deemed to seriously compromise the safety and protection of crisis affected people and communities (re:viewed reserves the right to use our discretion where protection concerns are raised about the nature of reviews or negative reactions in response to reviews)


re:viewed will not

  • Publish or share reviewer email or IP address’ with any other party


Note: the terms of service and privacy policy is an evolving document whilst the site functions are under development.

By submitting your review, you have read, understood and agree to the above terms and the reviewer guidelines.

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