Reviewer Guidelines

Who can leave a review?

If you have been affected by a crisis and as a result are in need of, or are in receipt of, humanitarian assistance - re:viewed is for you. You need no official label or identification to be able to review, but you might for example be a refugee, a migrant, be displaced (camp or non-camp) or otherwise affected in your home location. Your review is anonymous, but if you wish to be identifiable – leave your name in the comment box.


Reviews are for individuals on the receiving end of humanitarian assistance, and are not for the general public or organisation staff.

What should you review?

You can write a general review or an organisation specific review.

General reviews relate to the place that you are reviewing and your overall opinion on services and experience with humanitarian assistance. General reviews enable you to leave feedback even if you do not know who to direct that feedback to or who the responsible service provider is. When leaving a general review, you might wish to consider noting:

  • Your needs and the extent to which they are, or are not, being met

  • What services work well and what does not

  • General conditions in your location

  • Suggestions for improvements

  • Any other information you wish to share publicly

Organisation specific reviews relate to the organisation you wish to review in the location of your review. Organisations or service providers are the actors that you know to be delivering the services you are feeding back on. In your review you may wish to consider relaying:

  • How well the organisation / service provider is delivering the services they are responsible for

  • Your personal experience with the organisation or service provider. 

  • What they are doing well and / or suggestions for improvements

  • Any other organisation specific information you wish to share publicly

How should you review?

Feedback of any kind, whether in praise or in complaint, is important and welcomed at re:viewed. For the best impact, when writing your review, please note the following:

  • Your review should be based on your own personal experience and should be original (not copied from elsewhere).

  • Reviews should reflect your current situation. (If your review relates to a situation more than 6 months ago please state this in the review).

  • If reviewing a specific organisation you should have direct experience of having received services from them. If you wish to comment on not having received a service, please create this as a general review instead. 

  • Try to state facts, provide enough details, and make clear points. Examples to illustrate your points are helpful.

Your review must NOT:

  • Cite the personal information of another individual. Such as names, emails, addresses and telephone numbers.

  • Contain violent, inflammatory or offensive language. This includes sexist, racist, or prejudiced language as well as threats or personal insults.

  • Be fabricated or written on behalf of an organisation. You should not be a staff member or have a direct stake in the public promotion of the organisation you are reviewing.

Leaving your email address

You are not required to leave an email address but choosing to enables us to communicate with you if there are any problems with you submission and let you know if your review receives a response.

Your email address will not be published to the site and it will not be shared with any other party.

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